A Profoundly Powell Party Program

A Program of Pieces for me to Perform on a Piano for a most
Profoundly Powell [Christmas] Party Occurring December 8th, 2018 

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“Non-denominational Denominationalists” : A Theological-Philosophical Take on a Key & Peele Comedy Sketch

  So, once upon a time some years ago, I saw this comedy sketch from Mr. Keegan-Michael Key & Mr. Jordan Peele. Recently, I saw it again– and I had an idea! Ok, now that I’ve said that, please put a mental bookmark there– it’s ok, I’ll get back to that…eventually.   Now, even though […]

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“διώκω κατά σκοπός” (Philippians 3:14a), A Verbal Symphony

Weston Timothy Scrivner Professor Lee Kerckhove Philosophy 250: “Philosophy in Literature” 10.20-23.2018   “διώκω κατά σκοπός” (Philippians 3:14a), A Verbal Symphony Abstract: I was provided a list of essay prompts, of which the following was one: “In what ways can King Oedipus or Meursault be considered tragic heroes (or anti-heroes)?” Originally, I was going to […]

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Ladies and gentlemen… Boys and girls… With much gratitude that you have stopped by this post…   Although there are a couple lines I’ve added between 3/3-4/18 AD, the following original poem was originally written during 2/17-27/18 AD, and I had–unlike a fair amount of previous posts–originally wrote it down with a pencil on one […]

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